JSA Service, Projects & Energy are fighting the race & challenge against climate change with the use of organic / natural R290 Propane refrigerants.

There is no denying it, the Earth’s temperature in rising. Climate change, caused by Carbon Dioxide and other human-made emissions is a major cause for concern – but all is not lost, we can all do our part to help save our planet. That is why JSA are UK&I dealer’s for Euroklimat & Pure Thermal chillers & plant, the market-leader in natural refrigerant chillers, using Hydrocarbon with superior cooling & thermal properties. It is used in industrial and commercial systems as an alternative to other gases with a higher environmental impact, such as R404A. 

R290 Propane has several strengths, including its energy efficiency and low Global Warming Potential (GWP), plus its ability to transfer larger quantities of heat than the synthetic refrigerants. Its short-term persistence in the atmosphere is another reason why this gas has a low environmental impact. This means R290 can be vented directly into the atmosphere without the need to recapture and recycle, eliminating the need for technicians to invest in and carry around expensive tanks and accessories, traditionally used when servicing older systems.

In addition, Propane has a relatively low cost and is compatible with other materials used to develop compressors in refrigeration systems. It has a high critical temperature and excellent thermodynamic properties – making its energy efficiency superior on average to other synthetic gases used in commercial air conditioning and industrial refrigeration.

With the recent European legislative restrictions that will limit F-Gases, Euroklimat’s use of R290 refrigerants deliver a fantastic alternative. With its stringent safety standards and zero leak approach, Euroklimat use unique electronic microprocessor sensors to ensure the safety and efficiency of these dynamic cooling systems.

Overall R290 Propane is by far the best and most sustainable option for your refrigeration solution. Contact JSA Service, Projects & Energy to see how we can help you determine the right refrigerant for you, whilst protecting our planet at the same time.

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