Measuring the performance of your air-conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump system is a top priority for JSA Service. HVACR monitoring systems can continuously observe energy consumption and overall performance of your equipment, leading to lower energy use, reduced costs, improved environmental performance, and minimise shutdowns and business interruptions.

A typical buildings total electricity consumption for its HVACR-systems stands at around 40-60%, therefore an analysis of the cooling and heating process is of great importance to lower electricity costs and optimise functionality and daily operations.

Here at JSA Service our main objective is to change how refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump systems are serviced and monitored, by shifting focus to preventative maintenance and documentation of performance. JSA Service work in partnership with both ClimaCheck and Optimised Buildings to assist with:

  • Performance after delivery
  • Regular control and monitoring
  • Financial analysis and energy saving measures
  • Verify measures taken

ClimaCheck is a proven, tested, and award-winning method to measure the performance of your HVACR-systems in a cost-effective manner, saving you energy (approx. 10-30%) and money, both in lowered electricity costs and valuable goods, thanks to a more stable system. Its revolutionary technology has a unique method for analysis of all types of air conditioning and cooling systems in industries such as the food industry, hospitals, universities, data sites, properties & buildings, and manufacturing. It can establish the performance of Cooling Capacities, Power Input, COP, Compressor Isentropic Efficiency, Superheat, Sub-Cooling, Refrigerant Charge Status plus much more!

Optimised Buildings use Artificial Intelligence to make your building energy efficient and can deliver a ROI in less than 12 months. Combining several cloud-based technology platforms with advanced tracking tools, Optimised Buildings can ensure that your building is monitored and managed in a cost-effective way. By turning data into information Optimised Buildings can identify HVACR control issues, monitor energy and improve performance without compromising occupant comfort.

To understand how you can optimise your HVACR-system, contact our team at JSA Service on 01932 780 321 or email info@jsaservice.com 

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