Heat Exchanger Protection, Analysis (NDT) & Overhauling

When chillers are opened for inspection, you can almost always find significant erosion and corrosion damage on uncoated systems. JSA Service provide heat exchanger analysis, repair and cleaning to provide long-term protection from erosion and corrosion damage, extending the life of these valuable property assets.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning - Water

Ultra high-pressure water jetting is a highly effective, non-destructive method of cleaning shell and tube heat exchangers and HX tube bundles that have become blocked or fouled. Our unique, rigid and flexible UHP lancing systems enable us to remove blockages from blocked tubes as well as "polishing' dirty tubes.

  • Improved thermal effectiveness ​
  • Reduced energy waste & prolonged chiller operation​
  • Preventative catastrophic failure water damage ​

Heat Exchanger Cleaning - Air

JSA Service are currently the UK's only certified installer of Adsil’s next generation HVAC/R coating - MicroGuard1-3500. MG1-3500 is among the most advanced protective coating. Proven to positively arrest corrosion, protect against chemical and environmental assault, extend the life of equipment, save energy and mitigate microbial growth providing sustainable results with a verifiable ROI.

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